Valday Training Centre

Valday Training Centre was born in 2015 year. Although the idea came much earlier. In 2013-2014, I, Anna Valdai, and Sergey Anisimov, my friend and colleague, traveled to regions, to different cities and countries. We argued on the themes of success, implementation, well-being, purpose. And eventually went to study. Because it was obvious that we didn’t agree. But each of these opinions has the right to be. During the trainings and trainings we have found our truth, from which the concept of those trainings appeared, which we have started to implement successfully in the company we love. In 2015, Valday Training Centre started to conduct trainings from the series “new generation Advisor”: the Basis of your success and a Big change. And I must say that they were a great success. These are transformational trainings. They helped the advisors find their place in the team, strengthen their strengths and start developing the growth zone. And even those who never faced similar trainings, received a lot of pleasure and insights. This is exactly the puzzle, which was not enough for sales awareness, especially network. And that’s exactly what no one teaches. At the same time we work for the team, top management and financial advisors. And take into account the requests of each group. For best implementation.

In 2017, the team split up to gain new knowledge and skills.

And in 2018, active work began to create a system that will help to “pump” the skills of employees, managers and top management at all levels.

The task of the center is the harmonious development of financial advisors. To do this, we have chosen the best, in our opinion, coaches, mentors. And it is this combination of our trainings and third-party trainings that allows financial advisors to reach new heights. Not only in their business, but also in other, not less important spheres of life.

Sincerely, Director Anna Valday
Master of University Paris Dauphine